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Press Release

Former Republican Federal and State candidates launch new grassroots candidate training and support organization


Denver CO -- Former congressional candidate Charles (Casper)Stockham, former state house candidate Laurel Imer, and former Colorado CD7 school board candidate Nancy Pallozzi announced today that they are teaming up to launch a new training and support organization called America First Republicans (AFR).


“For the past eight years I have tried to work with the Colorado GOP to bring a conservative message of hope and purpose to the Black and Hispanic communities,” says Stockham. “That effort has been supported by rank and file Republicans but not any real support from the GOP establishment.”


Stockham continues, “AFR is not a new political party but we will do three things that the current GOP has failed to do such as educate, engage and empower conservative grassroots candidates in the Black and Brown communities. For the party to survive, these individuals must become involved in the community, politics and eventually run for state and federal office as Republicans.”


AFR believes that to win more races, a better job of outreach outreach during the off political season is paramount. The primary goal is to become the go-to training and support organization that provides real life skills and solution-oriented training for the community.


We’re aggressively reaching out to the forgotten and disenfranchised unaffiliated voters to show them how politics is supposed to be done,” says Stockham. “More than 20 training classes will be offered through AFR. We also will be teaching the constitution and the current Republican party platform.”


At our invitation ONLY Open House on December 16, we will share our plans and goals for the coming year!